Sell Your House

 Do you want to sell your house?


Many details are handled when selling a house. We designed a program to help you understand the steps along the way. 



  • Conduct a comparative market analysis to establish the fair market price of your home.

  • We prepare a sales contract.

  • We recommend improvements to maximize the value of your home.

  • We prepare a Marketing package with photographs and details of your home.

  • We stage the house for you to get the Best Possible

  • We can arrange moving, packing and look for your next home

  •  We work Convenience hours to accommodate your busy schedule


  • We promote it by entering it in the MLS list.

  • We place sign/s for sale on your property where appropriate.

  • We prepare color brochures for your home.

  • We notify local agents of this new listing.

  • We program Open Houses to achieve greater exposure of your home.

  • We distribute advertising in your neighborhood.

  • We publish your home in all social networks that we use as marketing.

  • We contact potential buyers of our database.


In the meantime

  • We search and pre-qualify potential buyers.

  • We present and interpret all offers with you.

  • We negotiate your transaction with the other agents.

  • We schedule all visits with buyers.

  • We schedule all inspections.

  • We coordinate the closing with a buffet of lawyers and analyze the closure.


We are specialists in the real estate market in Ohio.

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