New Build

Imagine a house that has everything you need to enjoy the first steps of your child. The first time you bike or winter nights in front of the fireplace playing with your family creating memories that will last forever and at the end of the day find that escape in your "Master Bedroom" to let you recover the energy you need to enjoy another Day with his family.


The price is not the approach but the search of the house with the perfect spaces in the perfect location where you will enjoy the best years of your life. In our “New Build” section of Mi Casa Real Estate & Construction we offer you the advice to acquire the house that has everything you need. The dynamism and dedication to our customers give you a very big advantage that will make you find the best one for you.


Option 1 You choose one of more than 100 models of houses built by specialized builders.

Option 2 Our agents. Coordinate with you to advise you with architects, interior designers and inspectors to make the home of your dreams.

Option 3 We look for the most select houses in the pre existing market. Relax and enjoy the experience. Coordinate with us a private tour.